Tips n' Tricks

Vic Sez:

  • It’s fall fishing: the waters are cooling and the bass are coming out of their deep water holes to feed in the shallows. This is the 3 or 4 week window when it’s a great time for top-water and shallow-running lures. Don’t miss this opportunity, because when October comes around, they bass will go into their winter mode. Tight lines & good luck!
  • I read that during the heat of summer, the best time for bass fishing is at first light, when it’s still cool.  The bass will move into the shallows during that time.  !
  • When your lure is snagged, take the line in your hands and stretch it almost to the breaking point, and then release it. Do this several times. It often makes the hook bounce back from the snag and you’ll get your lure back.   
  • Shrimp shells make great chum! So save your shells after a shrimp dinner, put them in a baggie in the freezer, and when you get out in the lake, dump them in the water.

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