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My good friend, writer, native Miamian, and excellent fisherman Charles Greenfield sent me an email last week after a day of fishing off of Miami Beach:


Went fishing with my niece and her boyfriend this past Friday. Trolling on the Reward II party boat out of Miami Beach marina, past Government Cut and Fisher Island, and just past the range markers,  I got this spectacular and highly unusual strike Рan approximately 70 pound Atlantic Sailfish. It nearly spooled my paltry Penn 4/0 Star drag reel with 40 pound mono.

Captain Chris had to back up the 110 foot wide-berthed boat like a small sportsfisherman so I could retrieve the line. Then I fought it with the help of my niece’s boyfriend Matt, and we released it at the stern after a good dozen, amazing leaps from this majestic spear and sail specimen. And I was only trying to catch a little Spanish mackerel for dinner!

(Please notice the red and white $2 Williamson 1/2 oz. lead-head lure that I use for Spanish mackerel in the sail’s mouth!)


70 lb. Sailfish Caught off of Miami Beach


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Tom Nerheim January 22, 2016 at 5:07 pm

Hello Vic:

I was thinking about the fun we used to have on the Pere Marquette River back in the 60’s. Canoe trips and movie night in Ludington. Those were the good old days and many good memories.
Most of my family is still located in Muskegon. I am divorced with two great kids,(both in Colorado) and 2 beautiful grandkids.
Would certainly like to catch up with you sometime. At least text.

All my best,

p.s. you have my e-mail……tomnerheim@yahoo.com

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