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June 2017

Fishing on the Potomac River in the Tin Can

by Capitol Area Fishing on June 17, 2017

6:00 came early this morning when my friend Bob picked me up trailing his 16′ 20 year-old aluminum skiff called the “Tin Can.”  We put-in outside of Dickerson, MD at a boat ramp at the end of the Mouth of the Monocacy Rd. where the Monocacy River meets the Potomac River. It was one of those still, overcast days that you could tell would eventually become hot and humid. We took the boat upstream for about a half mile, shut the motor, and started our drift.

The minute we started casting, fish started hitting: smallmouth bass – better known as smallies – and bluegills. For awhile it was one right after the other. My rig was an ultralite with 4 lb. test monofilament and a black and white medium weight Rapala. Bob used a Jitterbug lure. Jitterbugs are exiting. They’re a surface lure that wobble across the top of the water creating bubbles that attract the fish. So you can actually see the fish hit the lure.

Victor with smallmouth bass. Bob with a larger smallmouth bass. First fish of the day – bluegill.


We were on the water for about four hours and between the three of us – Bob’s friend Murat was also with us – we caught (and released) 28 small-mouth bass and bluegills. There was the one that got away, probably the largest fish of the day, hooked by the least experienced of us, an 18-20 incher that Murat lost after he tried to “horse” it into the boat. He was using a popper and this monster fish took it!  Just goes to show you – it’s not called catching, it’s called fishing.

Black & White Rapala Jitterbug