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June 2009

June 28 – Pinecliff Park

by Capitol Area Fishing on June 29, 2009

Grabbed my ultralite and took a drive out to the Monocacy River Water Trail in Frederick County to look for potential canoe put-ins. Found a great one at Pinecliff Park for both canoes and kayaks. It could be a leisurely 2-miles paddle down to the next bridge, or a longer trip. This is a beautiful area where the Monocacy meanders with a good current and excellent fishing opportunities from boat or bank. 

Sunday June 28 005

Kayaker at Pinecliff Park

Sunday June 28 008

Victor Throwing a Line at Boat Ramp








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                                      Sunday June 28 004      


June 24 – Flyfishing Gear

by Capitol Area Fishing on June 24, 2009

Back in the 1940’s, way before I was born, my Dad flyfished on the Pere Marquette River in the Lower Penninsula of Michigan, with a split bamboo rod and catgut line.  [click to continue…]


June 21 – Chincoteague and Assateague Island, Virginia

by Capitol Area Fishing on June 21, 2009

My wife Sarah and I decided to get away for the Father’s Day and my birthday weekend, so we came down to Chincoteague and Assateague Island, Virginia. I figured it would also be a good opportunity to do some surf casting on Assateague. (Surf casting does not require a license.)  

Fighting the Skate

Fighting the Skate

Bought shrimp bait and drove to the last parking lot on the Viriginia side of Assateague, which is where a lot of surf casting is done. There were probably a half-dozen other fishermen out there, so on this cool, cloudy day, it wasn’t crowded.  

Fish setup

Surf Casting on Assateague Island

I used two light spinning outfits and cut a piece of PVC in two to make 2 sand spikes to hold the rods – used a number six hook with a sinker. For those of you serious about surf casting I recommend a 12 to 20 lb. test line with at least 250 yards on the spool.

With the rods mounted in the sand spikes I casted out into the surf and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Hooked and landed two skate, and had a third on within an hour. Another fisherman next to me was also bringing in skate; nothing else seemed to be biting, but he said  he’s caught drum, kingfish, shark (July and August), flounder, and bluefish (when they’re running) in this spot.

Victor with Skate

Victor with Skate

 By the way, we stopped at a funky outdoor barbecue joint on the way back into town: Woody’s Beach Barbecue. I recommend the “Woody’s Signature Sandwich” washed down with a grape Nehi! The Sea Star Carry-Out is also a good sandwich spot.

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June 14 – Flyfishing at Green Farm Park Pond

by Capitol Area Fishing on June 14, 2009

Flyfishing at Green Pond Park

Flyfishing at Green Pond Park

It’s been either raining or muddy here in Maryland for the past month. Streams and rivers are at record levels and as a result, fishing has suffered.

But, today was a beautiful day and late in the afternoon I took my flyrod to the secluded little pond not far from my house.

(See my earlier post – with directions – from April 16)

On my very first cast I hooked a sunfish on a red popper. In total I caught 10 of them in about two-hours – both sunnies and bluegill.

My wife Sarah came along, and she also caught a couple of sunnies with a 1  and 3/4″   silver-sided sinking rapala on my ultralite spinning outfit.

Victor Flyfishing at Green Pond Park

Victor with his Orvis Flyrod


June 3 – What's Cooking? Fresh Whole Fish

June 3, 2009

Broiled Whole Fish       If the fish has been frozen or is store-bought, soak it in 5:1 water to fresh lime juice for at least an hour before seasoning and cooking. If the fish is freshly caught, this step isn’t necessary. 1.  Score a whole, cleaned fish (snapper, bass, tilapia) on both sides with 2 diaganol cuts. 2.  Cut two […]

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