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May 2009

May 25 – Fishing Trip on the Monocacy

by Capitol Area Fishing on May 27, 2009

Monocacy River Canoe Map

My neighbor Rob and I headed out in a canoe on Memorial Day to do some fishing on the Monocacy River –  the strains of “Deliverance” notwithstanding!

We put-in at  Rt. 355 off the Monocacy River bridge (red star on map). It’s kind of a tough put-in, but it works ok for a canoe. After we got the canoe in, it was a leisurely four-and-a-half hour paddle to the second bridge at Lily Pons.

We worked the many different holes on both sides of the river with one of us casting and one of us paddling. Because of the rain we’ve had in Maryland this spring, the water is still murky. It was still a fantastic trip though, with 10 fish landed, and many strikes.

Both of us caught a catfish on a rapala. I didn’t know catfish took rapalas. We also caught quite a few smallmouth bass.

Catfish on the Monocacy

Catfish on the Monocacy




Rob with Catfish

Rob Myers with Catfish







Glad to see the smallmouth bass. They were small, but it’s early in the season, and their numbers bode well for a productive June, through September on the river.

The Monocacy is a fantastic river. But, the amount of old tires and other trash in it, broke my heart. All of us, as fishermen, need to take part in keeping our streams and rivers free from debris and pollution. My next Monocacy River expedition will be from the Lily Pons bridge to the Potomac River. Stay tuned.

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May 19 – Browns Bridge Recreational Area

by Capitol Area Fishing on May 20, 2009

Browns Bridge Map

Browns Bridge Map

I took Brighton Dam Rd. to Highland Rd., past the Triadelphia Reservoir and over the dam, to reach Browns Bridge. It’s a remote little recreation area on the Patuxent River at the headwaters of the Rocky Gorge Reservoir.

There are rough but scenic trails on the Montgomery County side (the river separates Montgomery and Howard Counties), and many access points for shore casting, but I didn’t see any boats. The launch area at the bridge appeared to be blocked.

Once again, I was mesmerized by the Carp! And, once again, I tried to get them to bite, with no luck. I threw everything in my tackle box at them. I’m now looking into buying Carp pellets and rigging a Carp-line as they are large and would be a lot of fun on light tackle. I’ve included a picture of their shadows in the water.




Patuxent River at Browns Bridge

Patuxent River at Browns Bridge


May 12 – Catch the Largest Fish on the Lightest Line

by Capitol Area Fishing on May 12, 2009

I was taught – and I’ve seen this to be true – that gear does not define the fisherman. Contrary to what many might think, the rod and reel are not going to catch the fish. The fisherman is. 

There’s a cartoon I’ve seen of a little boy with a cane pole and a bobber holding a string of fish. He’s standing next to an older fisherman with all the modern gear at his side – and no fish. So a lot of what happens in the water is up to both luck and fishing savy.

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May 6 – Montgomery Village, MD.

by Capitol Area Fishing on May 6, 2009

It’s been raining here in Maryland. And, the forecast calls for more rain. All week. As soon as it lets up I’ll be out there wetting my line. In the meantime,  I’m getting ready to add a page on my equipment recommendations. Stay tuned.


May 2 – Piney Run Park

May 2, 2009

Piney Run Park is well outfitted for either shore or boat fishing. It’s located in southern Carroll County, near Sykesville.  It’s a 300 acre lake with two boat ramps available for launching your vessel ($10 entrance fee at park gate). Gasoline motors are prohibited, but trolling motors are OK, and it’s recommended to bring a spare battery.   Night crawlers are […]

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